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Chris Benson will service your account from the day of appointment.

Why is this important to YOU?

This ensures that you have an Insurance Adviser who understands your business operation, just like your other professional business advisers i.e. Lawyer, Accountant. Generally speaking, business is done on a personal level, and it is therefore important to establish a personal rapport with your adviser, and they with you.


Chris Benson aims to provide quality professional service of a standard higher than any other broker in the market. He welcomes feedback, and expects to be notified if there is any concern with the timeliness or standard of his service.

Why is this important to YOU?

You need to know that your business will be very important to my business, and that every effort will be made to provide an excellent service. However, where it might be felt that the standard has slipped in any area, or for any reason, you also need to know that the lines of communication are always open. Openness, both ways, is important in maintaining a proper working relationship for the mutual benefit of both parties. You will be asked to provide feedback and ideas in the area of 'service provision', so that we are both comfortable with, and are aware of, expectations. No major changes will be unilateral, so there will be as much certainty in this area as possible.


Chris Benson has degrees in Law and Commerce, and has worked as both a Lawyer and an Accountant. In addition, he has the Associateship of the Insurance Institute of NZ (AIINZ), is a Qualified Insurance Broker (QIB), and a Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Assn of NZ (FIBANZ). His technical knowledge of insurance matters is second to none. He utilises many forms of communications (periodicals, articles, newspaper, industry briefings & seminars, and the Internet) in order to ensure he is kept completely up to date.

Why is this important to YOU?

You need to have faith and confidence that the advice you are getting is correct, and up to date. By ensuring your Insurance Professional invests time, and money, to be well informed you can have that assurance.


Benson Insurance Brokers have arrangements in place to provide all types of insurance products, and to provide quality advice in these areas. If required, this can includes Life Insurance, Income Protection, Health Insurance, plus Group or Individual Superannuation, but this service is outsourced to a business contact.

Why is this important to YOU?

You need to be able to source all your insurance needs in a place where there will be clear responsibility for the various areas of insurance. Too often in the provision of these services, the involvement of more than one adviser can lead to blurred responsibilities, boundaries of advice being crossed and sometimes, attempts by one adviser to expand their influence into ancillary areas which are already being attended to. This can create confusion, time wasting or worse, conflict. This is avoided by utilising Benson Insurance Brokers, where agreements are already in place to provide excellent service in these other areas of concern.


Chris Benson has made a long term commitment to the Insurance Broking industry, and to the career and opportunities within that industry. He enjoys interaction with clients and underwriters alike, and looks forward to the challenge which this area of Professional service can provide.

Why is this important to YOU?

There can be few things more frustrating in business than not being able to rely on your advisers, or having the person you deal with change every year or two due to promotion, or company take-over. In addition, you should ask yourself, whom do you think is more likely to provide the top class service you desire -- a corporate person who works for a firm, or someone with his name on the letterhead who has a vested interest in the firm, and whose rewards are based solely on keeping clients satisfied.


Chris Benson has worked as a Claims Manager for a large New Zealand insurer, as well as being involved in many large, and complex, claims from the Broking side. This experience gives him and advisory knowledge second to none, and this could prove vital in the area of claims negotiation. Claims can often throw up unusual, or hazardous, problems and my previous experience has often been called upon by clients who might otherwise have been unaware of the pitfalls. Also, good, concise and timely advice can often be critical at the outset, so that your position won't be prejudiced by your own actions, or inaction's, once a claim situation has arisen.

Why is this important to YOU?

Again, quality advice at the right time is essential in many insurance situations, but none more so than in a claim, or potential claim. Getting things right from the outset is critical in bringing the ultimate settlement to the client in the most opportune and timely manner, according to full entitlement. An insurance programme is only as good as the claims service it provides, because claims are the 'showpiece' of the insurance industry.


It is important to establish the working relationship with your Professional Insurance Adviser from the outset, and ensure there is an understanding of needs and expectations from both sides. Accordingly, a clear direction in terms of servicing standards and information exchange should be set straight away, as well as an understanding of your insurer's expectations, and a marketing strategy for future renewals of your account. All these factors would be discussed, and put in place, soon after the appointment of Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Why is this important to YOU? This really sums up all the other sections. Clear professional expectations make the business relationship between the Insurance Adviser and the Client run smoothly. If there are any 'challenges' along the way, then again, guidelines are set so that both parties are aware of what is expected, and how the outcome is to be achieved. Agreement on broad fundamentals will mean you are not continually concerned with ancillary insurance matters which can tie up your valuable executive time. This can only be of benefit to YOU!

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